Felicity Notley

Copy and editorial


Märraum: The Story of a Space, Cornwall Today, February 2015

An Interview with Kieran Haynes, Tribe MagazineTribe: Write 1, 2012

Falmouth Bookseller: Prize-winning Bookshop of the South West, Cornwall Today, September 2013

Lyrebird: A Shop and a Workshop, Cornwall Life, June 2010

Jennie Savage at Zennor Head, This Weekend Project, September 2009

High Quality Children’s Theatre, ABC Magazine, Issue 29, November 2005

Interview with Children’s Playwright Charles Way, The Blue Guide, South Coast Magazine, December 2005


Commissioned to write an introduction for INSIGHT by Emma & Steve Kenyon, a proposed image-led publication providing glimpses into artists’ studios in Cornwall


The Amberstone Dragon by author and illustrator Mary Griffin, Hezicos House Publishing, May 2015.

There’s an Alien in My Wardrobe by Kimberly Oram.

Marazion’s Magical Mount by Angelina Rose, Kernow Rose Publications, June 2014.

Editorial experience at Penguin, Reed, Collins & Brown