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Creative Writing Workshops

Feedback from 'Writing Dangerously'.

'Excellent teaching.'

'I liked the mix of structured activities (having a task to complete in a certain time)

but then, as the course progressed, I liked the informal chats between the group,

getting to hear other points of view.'

'A good balance of giving us information and us writing. I feel I have learned lots.

I also feel inspired to write most days.'

Autumn 2017 Poetry Workshops

Writing Dangerously in Verse: 'Exploring the Form'

This is a rare chance to think about poetry in depth with a particular focus on poetic form.

Each session will look at at least one different poetic form (the sonnet, the villanelle, the ballad, etc.) and consider how these forms can be used today. There will be a balance between the appreciation of existing poems and the development of participants’ own writing. In writing new poems, the emphasis will be very much on creating a safe space in which to write. There will be writing prompts and techniques to help 'unlock' each writer's authentic voice.

Saturday mornings at 10.30 - 12.15 in the Meeting Room, Carnon Downs Village Hall.

Dates: 14 October, 21 October, 4 November, 11 November, 2 December, 16 December.

Cost: £36 (£30 concessions) for the complete cycle of six sessions. These are not drop-in sessions.

Please Contact Me to ask about future workshops.

The Carnon Downs Creative Writing Workshops were founded by Emma Timpany

Writing Dangerously ran from 7 January- 1 April 2017, Carnon Downs Village Hall.